The painter R. H. Ives Gammell was once quoted as saying that watercolor is a medium suited for “rank amateurs or absolute geniuses”.  Although I am neither, I do enjoy the freshness and spontaneity that watercolor can create.   It is a challenging medium.  Mistakes are not easily covered up or erased.  The artist must be succinct and condense the visual imagery into quite specific passages.

Watercolor is a very portable medium so I always bring a set when traveling.  Many watercolorists today prefer to develop work in the studio, but I like to do plein air landscapes or studies directly from life.  The immediate interaction between artist and motif is extremely important.

The painting below is of the one of the statues that adorn the Monument to Nicola Demidoff in Florence, Italy.  It was conceived and started by the sculptor, Lorenzo Bartolini and finished by his assistant, Pasquale Romanelli.  The monument is found the San Niccolo neighborhood where I lived for about 7 years.  The lovely light effect drew me to this statue.

Statue of the Arts, Demidoff monument, Florence

Below is a figure study painted from life.

Figure Study

The following paintings are landscapes that I completed while traveling.  They are all 20cm x 30cm, except for the last one.

Monastery at Capri, Italy
Monastery at Capri 2
Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy
Castle at Rosano, Calabria
Tuscan sketch, 15cm x 20cm

The first two pictures(Bartolini statue and the Figure study) are currently on auction at the Brigham Galleries.  If you are interested please check them out here.  You will probably be surprised how affordable they are.

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