The Way of Beauty

A friend, artist and educator, David Clayton has dedicated a posting to me on his very good blog: “The Way of Beauty.”  You can find the posting here.  He is an accomplished icon painter and is the artist in residence at the Thomas More College in New Hampshire.  He has founded a pioneering art program there under the same title of his blog.   The program is unique in that it focuses on Sacred art.   The learning of technique is combined with a definite philosophy and faith.  More importantly, the idea of ‘Beauty’ returns to its central role in the creation of art.

David Clayton, Crucifixion

David shares my passion and interest in the Baroque.   In my opinion, the naturalism and dynamic power of the Baroque language makes it universal.  I really enjoy the dialogue I have with David and greatly enjoy his blog.   You can see some examples of his work here.

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