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Here is a better video walk through of my show a the Oak Park Public Library this summer.  It is posted from my YouTube channel.  In addition to several interviews I have been collecting art related videos that are quite interesting.  Please check it out here.

Votive Offering: Dionysus

votive bacchante 4

The photo above is a recent sculpture that I finished entitled: Votive Offering: Dionysus.  It is about 30cm tall is made with a variety of materials: bronze, lead, silver, gold and sapphire.

The young man offers gifts, including a wreath, feather and a bunch of grapes.



Available work from Michael LaConte Gallery

Allegory: Persephone, oil on linen, 70cm x 100cm

For those not able to come see my work at Michael LaConte Gallery in Chicago, it is now available online as well via 1st Dibs.  It is a great site dedicated to art collectors.  The images shown are currently at the gallery and here.

I wrote a blog post about ‘Allegory: Persephone’ that can be found here.


gallery shot
View of a portion of my show in the gallery
The Trickster, oil on linen, 70cm x 90cm. Awarded 1st place at the Oak Park Art League’s Artist Member’s show.

To learn more about the above picture The Trickster click here.

Hidden Gift
Hidden Gift, oil on linen, 30cm x 50cm
Metamorphosis, oil on linen, 30cm x 40cm

I wrote a post about the above painting that can be found here.



Concordia, bronze, copper, lead, and alabaster, 35cm(h) x 15cm(w) x 20cm(d)

Above is a recent bust that I have finished titled “Concordia.”  It is bronze with copper inlay lips and eyes of alabaster with lead irises.  I modeled the bust in clay and retouched the wax and then completed all the chasing and finishing in bronze.

My choice of subject is inspired by the Roman deity Concordia.  She is symbolic of social concord and representative of the Greek idea of Homonia.  The visual expression of concepts fascinates me.  In addition to being judged by our physical appearance our actions condition how we are percieved.   Daily choices, usually guided by a personal ethical code, determine our public persona.  Ideally we are living personifications of value systems we choose to follow.  Concordia is an exploration of this idea.

Inside the statue I glued a series of notes that I collected from the Badia in Florence.   They come from the New Testament and promote harmony and peace.  This added level of meaning reinforces the formal aspects of the sculpture.


Dry fitting the eyes


Venus Pluvia at the Oak Park Art League

Venus Pluvia, terracotta and pietra leccese, 45cm(h)

My sculpture Venus Pluvia, shown above, will be participating in the Oak Park Art League’s ‘Skin Deep Figurative Exhibit’ that opens this Friday, January 8th.  For more info the link is here.

Show Opens Tomorrow at the Michael LaConte Gallery Chicago!

Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy
Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

I am really excited about my show at the Michael LaConte Gallery opens tomorrow.  As I promised here are some of my watercolors that will be shown.

Castle at Rosano, Calabria
Castle at Rosano, Calabria
Self portrait, watercolor, 20cm x 30xm
Self portrait, watercolor, 20cm x 30xm

My three large landscapes were delayed my Italian bureaucracy and will unfortunately arrive Monday.

La Gravina, oil on linen, 60cm x 100cm
La Gravina, oil on linen, 60cm x 100cm
San Piero Caveoso, Matera
San Piero Caveoso, Matera

The show looks great.  Please come down and see the paintings in person.  It is a pretty comprehensive show that covers a lot of my work from 2000 until the present.  I will even be showing my angel painting:

Archangel Michael, oil on linen, 90cm x 130cm, 2001
Archangel Michael, oil on linen, 90cm x 130cm, 2001

Equos and L’Hiver, A Couple of Recent Bronzes

Equos, bronze and Belgian marble, 14"(h)
Equos, bronze and Belgian marble, 14″(h)

I have recently completed a couple of small bronzes.  Equos was modeled from my imagination using other equestrian statues as references.  Luckily, Florence is full of them.  In addition, I studied the horses for the carriage rides in Piazza Signoria.  It is my first amimal scupture and was completed during my bronze statuary class of 2014.  I am definitely looking to creating more.    Equos will be an edition of 10.  Each piece is an original as I finish each bronze myself.


The second bronze is of L’Hiver or Winter.  She was created from my imagination.  L’Hiver will also be an edition of 10, each retouched and finished by my hand.

L'Hiver, bronze and Belgian marble, 8"(w)
L’Hiver, bronze and Belgian marble, 8″(w)
L'Hiver, terracotta
L’Hiver, terracotta

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