Summer Portrait Course in Florence.

The Incisore, oil on linen, 50cm x 60cm

Every July, I teach a portrait course for the Charles Cecil Studios in Florence.  To learn more about the course the link is here.  It is designed to give the student a certain familiarity in painting a life-size head from a model with a historic limited oil palette and medium using the sight-size approach.  The ultimate goal of the 4 week course is to build observations skills and develop a logical studio practice.   They are full days as school begins at 9AM and finishes around 4PM.

As drawing is the foundation of painting, the students begin with cast drawing and eventually then proceed to portrait drawing and finally painting.  The images shown are from the demos that I did while teaching the dozen or so students.

Cast drawing of ‘Seneca,’ charcoal on paper, 50cm x 70cm
Cast drawing of bust from the Venus di Milo, charcoal on paper, 50cm x 70cm
Giusy, charcoal on paper, 50cm x 70cm
Nino, charcoal on paper, 40cm x 70cm
1.5 hour sketch of Richard, charcoal on roma paper, 45cm x 50cm
Vinicio, oil on linen, 40cm x 55cm

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