Self portrait in gouache

Self portrait in gouache

Self portrait in gouache. A few final touches and then the final varnish.

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  1. Hi Matthew,
    Wonderful self portrait. Gouache is a great medium, not only as a study I feel, but I can see how easily it would transfer to alfresco. I am not familiar with a varnish for gouache, would you share that information? How large is the alfresco you are painting? Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Diane,

      Since gouache has a matte, porous and delicate film, a varnish serves as a protection. The downside is a glossy varnish changes the refractive quality of the surface slightly changing the colors. It is similar to fixing pastels. A possible solution is using a matte varnish in wax or synthetic.

      I continuously work on small affresco projects. I will post some in the future. Unfortunately there is not a lot of demand for large affrescos anymore.

      All the best,

      1. Beautiful painting Matthew. Such soulful eyes. I use a wax varnish on my oils. It buffs up lovely. It’s not shiny, but it has a wonderful sheen after buffing.

  2. Wonderful expression of feeling and as far as I can tell, an excellent likeness of yourself. I am always amazed when artists like yourself can pack so much feeling and detail into such a small format!

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