Richard Serrin and the Utrecht 2nd Annual Art Competition

Bust of Richard Serrin

The life-size terracotta bust pictured above is of the American painter Richard Serrin.  Both a mentor and friend, he has generously shared with me his insights into both the technical and artistic aspects of the visual language of oil painting.  His knowledge of art history is vast.  His critical eye is quite astute.  He is a crusader for preserving our cultural heritage so that it may be built upon in the future.  One only has to attend one of his lecture on the botched restoration of the Sistine ceiling to understand that.  A copy of the lecture can be found here.

Richard’s work includes portraits, landscapes and more importantly, multi-figure compositions.  Below is an example of a really nice one.

Bacchanal, oil on linen, by Richard Serrin

Over the last 10 years I have benefited greatly from our friendship.  Richard is the perfect foil to the contemporary figurative scene’s fixation on the admiration of mechanical reproduction.   The imagination sparked by nature’s life-force drives his artistic philosophy.  Please check out his website here.

A while back we agreed to exchange portraits of each other.  I figured he had more than enough paintings and might enjoy a sculpture instead.  The bust is a result of a number of sessions that took place during a hot Florentine summer.  Below are some more views of the bust.

Profile view, Bust of Richard
Front View, Bust of Richard
Detail, Bust of Richard

I was trying to capture a visionary quality in his expression.  The mouth is open as if he is about to speak.

This portrait has won a couple of awards as well.  It took 1st place in the Portrait Society of America’s Members Showcase in 2009.  Check it out here.  Recently it also won 1st place for sculpture at the Utrecht 2nd Annual Art Competition.  The page can be found here.  The blog of the American Artist Magazine, The Artist daily, also has a posting here.

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  1. Hi. In searching for some artwork for our home, I came across the work of Richard Serrin. I am interested in a piece that seems unique for him, as it appears to depict a circumcision, and is the only piece of art of his that I’ve seen reflective of a Jewish theme. Would you know anything about the history of this piece?Are his works typically commissioned by churches specifically? How could I find out more about this particular piece? If you don’t have the answers, do you have his email?
    Thank you so much.
    D. Evans

    1. Thank you for your message. A lot of Richard’ s work deals with Old Testament and Jewish themes. Although I don’t remember anything specific about his circumcision picture I would be more than happy to inform him of your interest and get the appropriate contact information for you. Would you prefer email, phone number or address?

  2. Hi Matthew. I was a student of Richard in Florence in 1999 to 2000. He was very generous with his time and expertise. I worked on a portrait of a model named Cleopatra. I am unexpectedly in Florence again and would like to get 8th touch with him. I am not sure if he’s still living, and don’t want to cause awkwardness if he’s passed on..Could you let me know, and if he still has the same phone Number?

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