Here are some examples of my portraits:


12 thoughts on “Portraits”

  1. Your portraiture is obviously very accomplished, particularly like The Slavic Girl and The Artist. Most seem to be on linen. Do feel there is a great advantage to using linen and your own preparation to using pre-prepared canvases?

    • Thank you Ian. Creating one’s own surfaces ultimately saves time in the execution of the work. Linen, for its resistance and durability, is superior to cotton. Even though Guido Reni chose to paint on silk for some of his important works! I prefer to prepare my own. But when that is not possible I modify an existing commercially available canvas with an imprimatura.

      • Thank you Matthew. I obviously have much to learn! Do you know of any interesting literature on the subject, that might serve as a sort of oil painting primer?
        I’ve been painting in oils for just over a year, but am realising there is much I would like to know that I don’t!
        Thanks again.

      • You are very welcome Ian. All artists love talking shop. There are plenty of books out there on painting materials and techniques. A good classical reference book is Ralph Meyer’s ‘The Artist’s Handbook.’

      • Thanks Matthew. Ralph Meyer’s book is indeed a hallowed and very useful tome, but I could really do with some advice/confirmation on portraiture technique.
        Thanks again for allowing me to “talk shop”.

      • My pleasure. I am currently teaching a 4 week portrait course in Florence for the Charles Cecil Studios. By the end of the month a post should be ready. My colleague Nick Beer wrote a book on sight-size portraiture: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sight-Size-Portraiture-Nicholas-Beer/dp/1847971822

  2. I saw “The Young Architect” painting some time ago, lost track of who the artist was, and just recently found your website. That painting has resided in my memory all this time. So glad I found it and your other work, I also love “The Wanderer”. What an inspiration to work from life, rather than photos!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing hd images. Great help for me as I am learning anatomy and pastel portraits.

  4. These portraits, as well as being close to the truth, not only for the play of shadows, revealing at the same time hiding. The figures are hieratic and distant, and at the same time near and three-dimensional.They present themselves to the observer but do not want relations or contacts. It is exciting and strong emotions…

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