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Porta Croce
Jesus Carrying the Cross

David Clayton has written a really nice post about me on the blog: New liturgical Movement.  It was founded by Shawn Tribe and is dedicated to a revival of interest in the Sacred Liturgy and the liturgical arts.  You can find the post here.  David brings up some very good points related to the role of naturalism in sacred art as opposed to realism.

Sacred Art has always been an important part of my work.  I have dedicated several posts to the subject.  One of them that has a brief description of my approach and goals can be found here.  Unfortunately, the level of serious patronage in the Catholic Church is dismally low.  Money is being spent and contemporary art is being placed in churches but the quality and relevance to creating an environment conducive to spiritual reflection is extremely low or non existent.

Jesus in the Garden of Olives

There is a general misunderstanding of the role of Sacred art among the the faithful and the clergy.  The liturgical arts are not just added decoration to make places of worship cozy and pretty.  Great sacred art has the power to move us into a state of mind and spirit that help bring us closer to the experience of God.  The Church understood this before and one only has to experience the cathedral at Chartres, San Vitale in Ravenna, the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican to see how the proper combination of architecture, painting and sculpture creates holy spaces where the deepness of the liturgy can be truly felt.  Those three places are obviously only a miniscule fraction of the wonderful holy spaces that exist.  However, I would be hard pressed to find a contemporary church that displays the qualities once universally required by the Church.

Below are several examples of my sacred work:

Saint John the Evangelist
David Receiving the Psalms, oil on linen, 30cm x 40cm
The Visitation, oil on linen, 50cm x 60cm
St. Jerome and the Angel, oil on linen, 30cm x 40cm
St. Bernard, after Guido Reni, affresco
The Madonna of the Annunciation, oil on linen, 50cm x 70cm
Madonna study, affresco
La Madonna di Gravidanza, terra cotta, 50cm high
Nativity for Sant Ambrogio, Firenze, mixed media, life-size

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