Landscape sketches in Umbria


Last summer I had the pleasure to spend a week in Umbria.  The agriturismo was situated just under the beautiful city of Assisi.  Built on a series of terraces at the base of mount Subasio, the town derives its name from the original Roman town of Asisium.  The museum dedicated to its Roman history is quite wonderful and is found directly under the principal piazza.

It is a important pilgrimage spot for Christians thanks to Saint Francis of Assisi.  He was not only born there, but lived the greater amount of his life in and around the town.

For my studies I chose to focus on the Basilica of St. Francis that is found at the very end of the town.  It has such a impressive profile.

Sunrise at Assisi

The above picture depicts the light just before sun broke over the edge of the mountain.   The extreme heat of the Italian August makes painting during midday infeasible.  And the light that fell on the city was definitely more interesting in the morning and early evening.  The second painting depicts the evening light effect.

Assisi in the Afternoon

These sketches are on auction at the Brigham Galleries.  Bidding closes in about 3 days.  Please check it out here.  Below is another watercolor painting in the same auction.

Castle Ruins at Rosano, Calabria

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