Honorable Mention at the PSOA

Boreas, oil on linen, 70cm x 110cm

My painting shown above, Boreas, was awarded the 3rd Honorable Mention at the Portrait Society of America’s Member’s Only Competition in the Non-Commissioned Portrait category.

The picture just returnd from Barcelona where it participated in the MEAM Figurativas 2015 competion.  It is mentioned in the filming of the jury process at the 9 minutes 28 seconds.  The link to the youtube video is here.

I will retouch the painting before sending it off again on its next adventure.

Enrico Close-up
A selection from “Boreas,” oil on linen, 70cm x 110cm
Enrico Hand
Detail of the hand


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  1. I love how you handled the coloring of background into the subject. The whole portrait is a treat to the eyes and draws the viewer to keep looking. Thanks for sharing and Congrats!

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