Equos and L’Hiver, A Couple of Recent Bronzes

Equos, bronze and Belgian marble, 14"(h)
Equos, bronze and Belgian marble, 14″(h)

I have recently completed a couple of small bronzes.  Equos was modeled from my imagination using other equestrian statues as references.  Luckily, Florence is full of them.  In addition, I studied the horses for the carriage rides in Piazza Signoria.  It is my first amimal scupture and was completed during my bronze statuary class of 2014.  I am definitely looking to creating more.    Equos will be an edition of 10.  Each piece is an original as I finish each bronze myself.


The second bronze is of L’Hiver or Winter.  She was created from my imagination.  L’Hiver will also be an edition of 10, each retouched and finished by my hand.

L'Hiver, bronze and Belgian marble, 8"(w)
L’Hiver, bronze and Belgian marble, 8″(w)
L'Hiver, terracotta
L’Hiver, terracotta

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