Clay Sketches

Study for the Herm of Nature, terracotta with ingobbio, 10cm(h)

Before beginning any important project, it is always wise to work out the idea.  The easiest way for the artist to explore possibilities is through the creation of sketches.  A graphic representation reveals potential design problems and forces the artist to make decisions that usually change the direction of the work.

Drawing may be the most natural form for sketches.  However, I find when developing a sculptural idea that a small scale 3d sketch in clay allows me to think more quickly.

Herm of Nature, profile

The images above are of a study for an herm that I was hoping to develop for a public sculpture.  ‘Herm of Nature’ is the theme and this head would cap off the tall narrow pedestal typical of the form.  The study was created in terra-cotta with an ‘ingobbio’ to color the piece.  ‘Ingobbio’ is on of the oldest techniques for coloring ceramics.  It involves the use of a white or colored clay prepared in a liquid form and then applied upon the eventual piece to be fired(or already fired)

Tanagra figures from the PAFA collection, terracotta with ingobbio

Above is a picture of 3 greek figurines that I happened upon in the collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.  There were in the new building and mixed in with a mish mash of other pieces.  Residues of the ingobbio can be seen on the the 2 figures on the right.

Sketch for Night, terracotta, 20cm(w)

The images above and below are of other sketches.  ‘Night’ is the model for an eventual piece in alabaster.  The one below is a head study for a possible bust.

Sketch for Musician, terracotta, 18cm(h)

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