Allegory, oil on linen, 60cm x 100cm

Above is my latest figure painting entitled, ‘Allegory.’  It was completed during my latest stay in Florence.  A female nude leans upon the head of a classical sculpture while offering sprigs of grain.

I would be ceding to temptation to explain this piece.  A good painting should be studied, enjoyed and reflected upon.  Pictures reveal themselves only after continued study and enjoyment.  Unfortunately, my works do not photograph extremely well due to the glazing that I often use.  Anyway, experiencing a work through a reproduction never can replace viewing it in person.

The universality of the human form gives it a communicative power.  Paintings are ultimately symbolic and that is why I strive to distill the significant into its essential state.  A symbol is meaningless if it is chosen from a art historical dictionary and then illustrated.  Its force is derived from its intrinsic value.

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