A Dream Incarnate: Italian Landscapes and Portraits


This summer I will be having a show of my Italian landscapes and portraits. Kindy hosted by the Oak Park Public Library it will be up for the month of July.  Entitled The Dream Incarnate, the work represents my experience in Italy through a visual interpretation of the places and people that have inspired me.  It opens Saturday, July 8th.

For more information about the show please follow the link here.

Below is a selection from the works that will be represented.


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  1. I bought the two paintings of Assisi with the morning light and the setting sun. Beautiful to look at and I have them in my main hallway where guests to my home compliment your work. Thank you Matthew for your interpretation of this lovely Italian town.

  2. Matt,

    Will you be in Chicago or Florence during July 8-13? I’ll be in Florence then and would like to buy your lunch if you’re there. We met during the summer of 2014 when you were teaching at the studio at Piazzale Donatello.

    Good luck with the exhibit.

    Mike Gillespie

  3. I just viewed your work at the OAK Park
    Library. I was moved and impressed.
    I am also a painter and I have painted many
    Long story short. I have been hoping to meet an art mentor and friend.
    I am self taught. I would like to show you some of my work too. It would help so much to run things by someone or even watch them paint .
    I want to add my skills. My name is
    Christine Diaz I live in Oak Park.
    My phone/text is 708-785-6682.
    I hope to hear from you. Maybe we could do

    1. Hi Christine,

      Please excuse the delay of my reply. Unfortunately, I am currently in Europe. It would be a real pleasure to eventually meet you and share my experience. I will return to Chicago next year. Perhaps we could be in touch then? All the best, Matthew

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