A Couple of Recent Paintings

The Young Architect, oil on linen, 50cm x 70cm

These are a couple of recent paintings that I finished while in Florence.  They were both painted from life.  The Young Architect is a portrait of a friend of mine, Antonis.  He had just recently graduated from University.  In the background I included a sketch from one of his projects.  It is a kind of allegory of creation in which the design slowly comes out of the mist of the mist of his imagination.  Photos of paintings never tell the whole story.  A camera only sees a painting from a single distance while many works have different aspects at a variety of distances.  From 3 meters back one reads the whole picture, but the detail and info in the background is barely legible.   As one approaches the painting the true expression of the eyes and the drawing in the background come into focus.

The Young Architect, detail

His expression, that seems more severe from afar, softens as you get closer.  The determination of purpose falls into an uncertainty about the future.

The next picture is titled The Slavic Girl.  In this work I wanted a dynamic pose to express vigor, inner strength and a bit of aloofness.  Unfortunately, the blouse and shawl do not read well in the photo.

The Slavic Girl, oil on linen, 50cm x 70cm
The Slavic Girl, oil on linen, 50cm x 70cm

This painting was selected as one of the 100 finalists for the ACOPAL competition.  ACOPAL is the America China Oil Painting Artists League.  It is a recently founded association dedicated to opening an artistic dialogue between the States and China.  A very good idea.  You can see my painting and the others here.  Please feel free to give it a rating and leave a comment.

The Slavic Girl, detail

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