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Venus Pluvia

Venus Pluvia, terracotta and pietra leccese, 45cm(h)
Venus Pluvia, terracotta and pietra leccese, 45cm(h)

Here are some photos of a recent sculpture.  The title is Venus Pluvia.  That is latin for Venus of the Rain.  Venus exiting from her bath covers herself from the rain.  This is the terracotta model that I have mounted on a base of pietra leccese: a sand stone from the Puglia region of Italy.  I will soon be starting work on the bronze version.  Let me know if you would be interested in one of the limited edition.


venuspluvia3venuspluvia4 venuspluvia6 venuspluvia7


7 thoughts on “Venus Pluvia

  1. This is lovely.
    It really flows well.

    1. Thank you Mom!

  2. You have a wonderful grasp of form. Are you inspired by classical sculpture? Or is realism simply a preference?

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I am equally inspired by nature and classical sculpture. Although almost all of my painted work in done from life, this piece was created from my imagination.

      1. Its really good, i hope you sell many! I like nature in my own illustrations as well.

      2. Nature is the way forward. Wonderful work that you do. All the best

      3. thank and to yourself

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