For those who missed it the first time. Here is the interview that I did with the art critic and historian, Rodrigo Canete.


I feel like recreating the relationship between Nicholas Poussin and le Chevalier de Chantelou to be honest but we are not friends, in that Aristotelian sense, yet. I admire his practice and this artist truly knows what he does. Every and each one of his lines and brushstrokes are informed by a profound study and knowledge of not only technique but also the purpose of art as a vehicle of love and human connection. Ladies and gents, my no strings attached interview with American artist based in Florence, Matthew James Colllins

Rodrigo Cañete: My first impression when I saw your portraits was that you are undoubtedly a gifted draught man and a wonderful painter.  Having said this, that, by itself, does not make an artist.  Immediately though, I saw that there is a ‘concept’ in your images that draws from, mainly, XVII century art history and the way art was…

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