A great analysis of Velazquez’s Los Borrachos.



Many readers asked me to start a course on Velazquez which I think would be a daunting thing to do through the blog. However, I thought it would be interesting to dedicate a Sunday blogpost in lovearnotpeople.org to who I think is the best artist of all times. I will discuss one painting per month and that will be followed by discussions with artists and historians. sThe first painting will be Los Borrachos (1629) and the discussion will be with whom I call ‘the artist philosopher’, Mr.Matthew James Collins. This articles and discussions will be posted on the top bar under ‘The Diego Velazquez Series’. Enjoy & join the debate!


Bacchus, or the Drunkards (Los Borrachos), is Velazquez’s first mythological painting (c.1629) and depicts the god of wine as a young figure, reminiscent of ancient classical art, surrounded by a group of labourers…

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