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Selections from a Sketch Pad

Sketch of ‘Sabine’ at the Loggia dei Lanzi, Florence

It is rare if I leave the house or travel without a sketchbook.  For me drawing has been my way with interacting with the world.  The sketches that accumulate are not simply records of varying experiences but a diary of discovery.

Sketch of a metope from the Elgin Marbles, British Museum, London

In my sketchbooks works of art, and in particular, sculpture tend to dominate.  My travels are usually pilgrimages to see different masterpieces.  In drawing them a dialogue opens where I am hopefully able to connect and understand the beauty within the particular piece.

Pediment sculpture from the Elgin Marbles

I am sure many artists would agree with me that our favorite works of art become like friends and teachers.  As expressions of their creators, they speak directly to us in the common language that we strive to speak: beauty.

Capitoline Venus, Capitoline Museum, Rome

All the images in this post were done in graphite.  The paper is rather lightweight and can not take wet mediums.   The sketchpad is only about half filled at the moment.  There are at least 6 or 7 other sketchbooks sitting about in the studio as well.   I will share some more images in the future.

Cupid Stringing his Bow, Palazzo Massimo, Rome
Il Pugile, or Seated Boxer, Palazzo Massimo
Hercules Battling a Centaur, Giambologna, Loggia Dei Lanzi, Florence

4 thoughts on “Selections from a Sketch Pad

  1. Your works are always so brilliant. What happens when you are simply going out to get groceries though? Do you manage to find inspiration then? I’d love to be so inspired to take my sketchbook *everywhere*.

    1. Thank you Jasmine for the comment. Maybe it is neurosis I usually carry a bag with some sort of sketching equipment; even when shopping for groceries. The local fruit vendor has a good head but does not seem interested in posing.

      My sketchbooks are also filled with drawings from my imagination. But that will be for another post.

  2. Hi dear Mat,I already watched you in the Charles Cecul’s studio movie,I am also glad you got the one way tickit to Itlay;obviousely yo ‘ve learnt a great deal out there.Your drawings are great recording of those priceless places and wishing you the best.

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