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The Universality of the Beautiful

The sound quality of bad.  My amateur filming skills on an now outdated digital camera are even worse.  However I felt compelled to preserve this experience and share it.  Maybe these things happen on in Venice.  I don’t know.  But that is where I happened upon these two violinists that included ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana in their repertoire.

What struck me was the power of the 90’s grunge rock was (in my opinion) quite successfully translated in an arguably vivaldesque arrangement.

Anyone who is capable of rotating the visual of the video please feel free to adjust and share with all.


3 thoughts on “The Universality of the Beautiful

  1. Awesome! Thank you for posting!

  2. I will convert the video and repost it. There is a lot to be said by taking a fresh look at a known work and making it your own. Paul Anka did a cover of this same song, more here:

    there is also the band Apocalyptica. They do Hard rock/metal covers with cellos. More here:

    Beauty is all around you, you just have to be paying attention.

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