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Cecil Open Studios

If you happen to be Florence, Italy this weekend, Charles Cecil Studios is having an open house.  You can find more information here.  Work will be shown and there will be a demonstration of the sight-size technique.  A couple of my more modest works will be on display as well.  Images of them are shown below.

The Young Architect, oil on linen, 50cm x 70cm
The Wanderer, pastel on paper mounted on board, 50cm x 70cm

2 thoughts on “Cecil Open Studios

  1. Hi Matthew, was wondering if you were doing tbe demonstration and if it was related to the reference to Sergeant?

  2. Hi Shane. I won’t be able to do the portrait demonstration as I am not in Florence at the moment. The sight-size technique has a very well documented history in portraiture as cited in the essay by Nick Beer:

    John Singer Sargent did use the technique as did many other portrait painters.

    Darren Rousar is also good source on the technique at

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