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Praying Hands

Praying Hands, terracotta, life-size

In honor of Easter, I would like to share the above picture.  It is a pair of praying hands that I originally created for a Nativity scene for the church of St. Ambrogio in Florence.  You can find that post here.  In the end the work was not really appreciated by the parish and completely disregarded.  I was able to reclaim the terracotta bits while everything else was thrown away.

The technique that I used was rather interesting.  The final color of the hands was achieved by the use of different color clays, not paint.

Hopefully I will be able to reuse these hands in a future work.


2 thoughts on “Praying Hands

  1. your posting caused me to reflect on the complete disregard for the free but costly gift that was lovingly offered by the Father and the hope that is in the Son’s victory over the grave! Thank you, Shane

    1. Wow. Thank you Shane for another thoughtful comment. Any work of art is a success if it stirs contemplation of the spirit. All the best.

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