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Photos of the 78th Annual NSS show

National Sculpture Society 78th Annual Awards Show at Brookgreen Gardens

The National Sculpture Society as published some photos of the their 78th Annual Awards show at Brookgreen Gardens in SC.  The images can be found on facebook here.  I am really sorry not to be able to see the it in person.  The works are wonderfully presented.  The show closes October 30th.  It is definitely worth a visit.  My bust of the painter Richard Serrin is in the show.

The bust of Richard is in the back.

For those who have not seen the bust yet, here are a few images:

Bust of Richard Serrin, terracotta, life-size
Front View
3/4 side

2 thoughts on “Photos of the 78th Annual NSS show

  1. Mr. Collins,
    Thank you for these pictures. The bust of Richard Serrin is beautifully done. Our mutual friend, David Clayton, recom-mended your site.

  2. You’re very welcome Paul and thank you. The guild that you have founded sounds very promising. Please take a look at my posts on sacred art.

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